The Zero Waste Beanie Hat




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Grey, Blue and black zero waste beanie

Unused fabric scraps that are left over from garment production usually end up in landfills…. slowly but surely we’ve been finding ways to keep our fabric out of the landfills by finding new purposes for all of our scraps. Meet our newest zero waste initiative, The Beanie Hat! Made from left over fleece scraps created during production— this patch worked cutie will keep you warm all winter long. Each one Is made from scraps making them one of a kind. No two are the same… so expect some color and size variations from hat to hat.

Fabric: Made 100% From Scrap Materials

  • black, heather blue, grey- lyocell, organic cotton, spandex


  • Approximately 8.5”-9.5 long x 10.5” wide when measured flat… some hats are longer some are shorter depending on lengths of scraps we had available

PLEASE NOTE: the hats are handmade using scrap materials. Patterns and fabrics and sizes will vary from hat to hat.

Miakoda Apparel is made ethically in the USA in NYC. Our passion for eco-friendly, cruelty-free, slow fashion has propelled us to source plant-based materials and produce our vegan clothing in fair trade, local factories. Read about our efforts in sustainability. For the latest press and testimonials about our brand, click here.

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Sold by Jenna K